Monday 23rd April 2018,

4 Apps for Catching Up on Business News

Most will agree—mobile is the way of the future. Consuming news content on your phone is easy, convenient and perfect when you’re on the go. Here are four useful apps for staying up to date on business news:



Consider Pocket an aggregator of all your favorite news sources. It’s so easy to use—once the app is installed, click “Share” then “Add to Pocket” for later viewing. Think of Pocket like a modern day bookmark on your web browser, except when you open the app you only see the article instead of pesky advertisements or a bunch of open tabs draining your battery. You can even sort by category and add fun content like fitness articles, recipes and more.



If you prefer to rely on one business news source, Bloomberg’s app is the way to go. Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, BlackBerry, Android, Android Tablet, Samsung, Samsung Tablet, Samsung Gear S2 and Windows phone (whew, that was a mouthful), everyone has the opportunity to stay informed. Learn about the state of the economy, stocks and other business topics all at the tap of your finger.



For news primarily focused on the stock market, TheStreet is a strong resource. The app, which can be installed in the App Store and Google Play, excels in providing valuable information about stock market trends, data, commentary and so forth. If you’re just getting into the stock market, this may be an app you want to keep around—being well informed is a key component of making smart financial decisions.



Another app for learning the ropes is Barron’s. Regularly published articles from top industry experts will increase your knowledge of the market and help you stay on top of what’s new. It operates as a subscription service, but for $12.99 a month you get unlimited access to Barron’s mobile apps and Barron’s Online. Unsure about diving in? The app offers a four week free trial.


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