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6 Best Business Travel Apps


Mobile apps have become integrated into many of our life processes. There are apps to help us sleep, track food intake, log medical history and more. For business travel, hundreds of virtual tools exist to aid you from the beginning to the end of your trip. Here are 6 business travel apps we like that will ensure you have a smoother corporate travel experience.


Flight Apps


Try FlightAware Flight Tracker to stay updated with your flight and any other commercial flight. Users have real-time information in the palm of their hands. Another neat future is the ability to look at a world map to visually track routes.


At the Airport Apps


AirportZoom is a free app that provides maps of all major airport terminals. In addition to the most important information that any corporate traveler would expect from business travel apps such as delays, cancellations and gate changes, the app also features airport dining options, weather information and more.


All major airlines have apps as well. Save a step at the airport and check in up to 24 hours in advance using your airline’s app. Many airline apps will provide the status of your flight, an option to change seats when available, and a mobile boarding pass so you’ll get to and through security quicker.


Organization Apps for Business Travel


TripIt is an app that encompasses all of your travel essentials. Easily store your flight, hotel and rental car information. It’s all in one place, so skip the frantic last-minute searching by electronically storing your documents ahead of time. This app is designed to save you time, energy and a headache.


Task Apps


For your everyday to do list, try Wunderlist. It’s especially helpful during business travel because commuters adopt new routines and responsibilities. Keep on top of your tasks and feel good when you can cross one off. The app is beneficial for productivity, but has other uses as well like creating grocery lists or setting small goals.


Health & Wellness Apps


Relaxation is the often the first thing professionals want to do after an exhausting work day. An app called Relax Melodies can help you do just that. Create a dimly lit quiet space in your apartment and select one of many calming sounds the app has to offer.


Apps for Relaxation


Another free app called Get Some Headspace will take this peacefulness to the next level. The app includes meditation techniques, tips to help you fall asleep quicker, and more. Reminders are a setting within the app, so users can consistently make time for themselves in the day to wind down. Business travelers typically feel like they are always on the go, so take time to consider personal health and wellness.


Beyond the Apps for Business Travel…


No app can re-create the experience of staying in a quiet and well-equipped apartment when traveling for business. Learn more about how corporate housing specialist Furnished Quarters can help you plan your next business trip to New York, Boston and many more destinations!


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