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What Is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing—also called furnished apartments, temporary housing, corporate apartments, serviced apartments, or executive rentals—can essentially be defined as a home away from home. Corporate housing provides living accommodations that are significantly larger than most hotel rooms. Because these accommodations are also fully furnished, corporate housing is often considered a place to “live” during a short-term stay, rather than just visit.

Furnished apartments also generally include a full kitchen equipped with everything from pots and pans to small appliances, silverware, cooking utensils, and dishes. When you stay in corporate housing, you aren’t required to sign a long-term lease and most corporate apartments offer the ability to extend your stay if your circumstances require it. Many also include utilities and housekeeping services.

Who Stays in a Corporate Apartment?

Furnished apartments can be helpful for both business and leisure travelers. Executives on short-term job assignments and employees relocating from a wide range of fields often stay in corporate apartments. Corporate housing is often used by consultants, project managers, embassy and mission delegates, interns and employees of educational institutions, government and law firms, as well as other industries.

Temporary furnished apartments are also often used for personal reasons. If you’re a leisure traveler, or if your family is “between homes” during a move, you might stay in corporate housing. Other reasons to stay in a corporate apartment might include if you’re temporarily displaced from your home during renovations, or if you require an extended stay for medical treatment that is close to a particular hospital.

Why Use Corporate Housing?

A major reason to use corporate housing is for cost-savings. Corporate housing can help you save money, as the rates are often significantly lower than a comparable hotel. If you need to be away from home for an extended period of time (usually at least 30 days), hotel costs can quickly add up. In addition to high rates for each day you stay, you also will likely incur the expense of eating out for all your meals, as most hotel rooms aren’t equipped for cooking.

Another reason to use corporate housing is for convenience. If you’re a businessperson who needs to travel between your home and a city you’re working in, a furnished apartment gives you the ability to feel more settled. In a hotel, you often don’t have the ability to leave your belongings in the room when you travel back and forth on business, as you often don’t return to the same room. With corporate housing, you’ll keep the same furnished rental for the duration of your stay, allowing you to leave your clothes and other personal items in one place while you work or travel. There are other conveniences to corporate apartments as well. For example, at Furnished Quarters, all apartment rentals include utilities, Wi-Fi, local calls, and basic cable. In many buildings, you can even bring your pets. .

Corporate apartments also allow you to have a more comfortable stay, as well as a convenient and less-expensive one. Furnished apartments are just that—fully furnished—but they also include many comforts of home and a wide range of amenities that aren’t found in many hotels.

What Amenities Are Included in a Furnished Apartment?

An easier question to answer would be what amenities aren’t included? That’s because a top goal for corporate housing providers is to provide you with everything you might possibly need—in every room—during your stay.

Just a few examples of amenities at Furnished Quarters include a flat screen TV, high-speed Internet, and iPod dock in the living room; a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and all dishes and cooking utensils in the kitchen; plush bed and bath linens; and luxury linens and L’Occitane bath products in the bathroom.

The use of fitness centers, swimming pools, and resident lounges is also often included when you stay in a corporate apartment, as are valet and doorman services.

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