Thursday 24th May 2018,

Stress at Work: 3 Tips to Help You Feel Relaxed at Work  

It feels great to work in an environment where you’re challenged in a healthy way with support from those you work with.  Whether or not this is the case, there will always be times there’s a lot on your plate and some time is needed to clear your mind. Regardless of what comes your way, here are 3 tips to remain levelheaded and make sure you stay relaxed at work.


1. Keep Work at Work

Unless you’re required to stay on email around the clock, try to keep work at work. This is the best way to reduce stress and feel more relaxed at work. Outside of work, it’s your time to spend with friends, family and yourself. If you’re taking work home, consider ways to increase productivity during the day. Are there any ways to make routine tasks quicker through adjusting the process or automation? Do you get stuck trying to figure out tasks that are lower priority? If so, take a less busy day during the week to figure these things out. If the workload is still too much, it’s time to schedule a gentle conversation with your boss.


2. Take Breaks

Mental and physical breaks—they’re both necessary to feel relaxed at work. After completing a task, give yourself a few minutes to catch your breath, stretch, walk to the breakroom and grab a tea. Breaks between tasks help keep the mind clear and focused as you work through your to-do list. When you’re ready to get back into it, enjoy satisfaction of crossing off a completed item and moving forward. It’s not always possible, but lunch away from your desk can make a huge difference in sustaining energy levels in the late afternoon. Everyone deserves a break.


3. Make Friends

It’s true—you’re getting paid to work and not socialize, but it’s inhumane for employers to expect complete isolation. A content employee is often a productive one, so it’s better for the company to have employees who are friendly and work well with each other, which also keeps stress levels in the workplace to a minimum. It’s comforting to have a friend to eat lunch with or to grab a drink with after dinner. Many people see coworkers more than their own family, so isn’t it great to know there’s a second family available where you spend a lot of your time?



About The Author:

Hunter McMillian
Hunter McMillian, Digital Marketing Coordinator