Thursday 24th May 2018,

Best Food Apps for the Frequent Traveler


One of the many things that sets corporate housing apart from staying in a hotel is having a fully equipped kitchen at your fingertips. This makes for a more seamless stay when you’re traveling– you can prepare your lunch ahead of time, throw dinner parties, or just wind down after a long day by whipping up your favorite meal at home.


In this digital age, we rely so heavily on the help from food-themed and cooking apps. Remember when you had to actually write a recipe? For many, those days are gone. Here are a few of the best food apps you should download to make the best of your cooking experience in your corporate apartment:


How to Cook Everything (iPhone, $4.99)


An app for iPhone under $5 to feature a full $35 book makes your life so much easier. The app version of Mark Bittman’s masterpiece on simple cooking contains almost every recipe you can think of (over 2,000 recipes). This cooking app also features a shopping list generator and an automatic timer that alarms you as you work through the recipes.


Gourmet Live (iPad only, Free)


RIP Gourmet magazine. Gourmet Live features a perfect balance of new and old, from the best of New York street food to recipes from the magazine’s archives. Even better – “unlock” additional free content with the more you read.


CookIt (iPhone, $0.99)


Those who struggle with multitasking, this ultimate cooking app is for you! CookIt’s simple interface allows you to run separate timers for each item you’re cooking with an audio or vibrate alarm. It will also calculate exactly when you need to start cooking each item in order for all of your dishes to finish at the same time. What would we do without smart technology?!


Yummly (iPhone and Android, Free)


Yummly is a recipe discovery app that combines tasty pictures with recipes from around the web. Filter recipes by the ingredients you have on hand, create different recipes, and build shopping lists for the upcoming week based on ingredients/recipes you choose.


Joy of Cooking (iPhone, $6.99)


For all the major foodies out there, this is one of the best food apps! The iconic cookbook and kitchen reference guide is available as an app for an easily accessible experience. The Joy of Cooking app helps you to discover recipes, advises on kitchen questions, and ultimately allows you to enjoy the art of cooking within your own kitchen.


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