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Summer Holiday Planning: 3 Ways to Create a Familiar Environment When Traveling Abroad

If the kids are off from school and you’ve managed to build up some vacation days, holiday planning for a trip abroad can create the memory of a lifetime for you and your family. Amidst all of the fun and excitement of travel, avoid feeling homesick with these three helpful summer holiday tips to create a familiar environment.


Unpack your Belongings

Settle into your temporary home abroad. In addition to all of the essentials such as clothes and toiletries, packing comforts like your child’s art project or their favorite toy can help establish surroundings that you’re used to and will help everyone feel at ease. Go the extra step and consider bringing familiar scents, snacks and more. After a busy day of playing tourist in a new place, it’s calming to come back to a self-catering accommodation  that feels like home.


Fill the Fridge and Prepare Meals

Don’t worry—it’s not for every meal! Of course travelers love to experience local cuisine and dining norms, but if you’re missing back home favorites, visit a local super market to see what you find. If you’re traveling with your child, maybe it’s making their favorite sandwich or pasta to replicate the feeling of being home. For you, maybe it’s a particular chocolate or wine. The beauty of self-catering accommodations, or fully-equipped and furnished temporary apartments, is that there is a kitchen allowing you to buy and store groceries, cook a familiar meal and enjoy a nice at-home dinner with your loved ones.


Meet Locals

Once your temporary apartment is a bit more “homey,” take time to explore the neighborhood and meet locals. You may not have all of your friends from back home with you, meeting new people. Meeting new people abroad is a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Locals tend to have the best suggestions for bars, restaurants, food markets, sights, attractions and more. Share stories with other families and enjoy the human interaction you’re likely used to.


Learn How We Can Help You with Your Summer Holiday Planning

To ensure you have everything you need before your big trip, refer to our International Business Travel Checklist.. For more summer holiday tips, recipes, and destination recommendations, check out our blog.  Furnished Quarters offers temporary furnished apartments in NY, NJ, MA, CT, and White Plains with one-stop access to apartments worldwide through our Global Solutions program. Call us at 888-203-2914 to speak to us about self-catering accommodation options!


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