Monday 22nd April 2019,

Top 5 Moving Day Apps


So you found the perfect place for your temporary stay. Congrats! Next step: packing and preparing for the big move. Moving is never a seamless process, and it’s never easy, no matter how many times you’ve done it. So next time you’re relocating, keep tabs on your to-do lists—and your sanity—with the help of these stress-free moving apps. Now you can accomplish much of the dreaded moving process right from your phone with tips, guides, lists, and more. You can thank us later.


5 Best Moving Apps


Moving Day (iPhone, Free): The MoveAdvisor app helps make relocating a simpler process. Some of its features include a comprehensive list of best rated movers in your area and an easy moving cost calculation. Check it out!


MyMove (Android & iPhone, Free): This  stress-free moving app is an organizer that offers moving checklists, tips and tricks, and guides. It also utilizes data from a directory of moving companies to help you find the best movers on the market.


Moving Planner (Android, $0.99): This moving planner has everything you need to plan your next move. Add box contents as you start packing, create lists, and customize your preferences on this easy-to-use app.


Move Planner (iPhone, $1.99): Get organized ahead of time with this app. Move Planner is more than a moving list of tasks. Personalized for you, Move Planner allows you to add your own items from an existing sample list, create a personal moving timeline, and sort the tasks by date to make sure you stay on track.


AroundMe (iPhone & Android, Free): Finally—you’re all moved in. Once you get settled, start exploring your new neighborhood. AroundMe allows you to search for the nearest restaurants, banks, stores, or find a movie theatre nearby.


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