Monday 10th December 2018,

Five Tips to Keep Your Apartment Tidy and Fresh

Your apartment is mostly put together, but there’s still something a little off. Is there a stench? Consider these five helpful tips to prevent displeasing smells and to keep your space feeling fresh:


Do your laundry

With casual use, some clothing items can be laundered less frequently. We get it—extra clothes that need washing means more money, time and energy spent, but with active wear it’s a no-brainer. Sweaty socks, underwear, shorts and shirts should never sit around. In your hamper, sweaty garments shouldn’t stay more than a week. Leaving these items unattended is a quick way to turn your space from sweet to sour.


Take care of your sneakers

Gym sneakers—only use them during a workout. It will improve their shelf life and reduce the chance of stinking up your apartment. If you have extra closet space, store your shoes and hamper there. Such a simple step can make a difference. If your shoes are already foul, try sprinkling baking soda in them over night and switching sneakers for a while. Allow time for your kicks to air out. Active wear companies like Lululemon sell “stink-free” shirts and socks worth trying out.


Don’t leave food out

It might go without saying, but there’s no good reason to have food lying around. Make a habit of taking glasses, plates and cutlery to the sink and properly disposing of food remnants before leaving your apartment. A fragrant spray doesn’t always do the best job eliminating food odors, so avoid having to.


Consider the scent

While freshening sprays are hit or miss with odor concealment, certain fragrances can enhance a room. Consider a calming candle or aroma diffusor to obtain a continually satisfying scent. Think of smells that elicit positive memories such as relaxing on the beach or waking up in fresh sheets with the aroma of warm tea. This can also help your apartment feel more homey.


Keep clean sheets

Lastly, change your sheets. Not only will it keep oils off your face and body, but it can help prevent lingering body odors as well. Plus, you’ve had a long day in the office or exploring the city and deserve clean sheets. Throw in some fabric softener, fragrance booster and call it a day.


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Hunter McMillian
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