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4 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

Halloween is the best time to get creative, make a statement and have a blast with friends. Whether you’re checking out a themed-party or stopping by a festive parade, here are six popular costume ideas for 2016.


Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

This one’s a no-brainer! Its election year and media coverage of these two polarizing presidential candidates is everywhere. Wear a classic pantsuit or imitate Trump’s famous hair. Keep it simple or jazz it up to make your nominee of choice known.


Chewbacca Mom

Candace Payne (also known as Chewbacca Mom) became a viral sensation after posting a hilarious video wearing a Star Wars’ Chewbacca Mask. Naturally, Chewbacca costumes are going to be a huge hit this year! Head to your local party store or look online to get the gear.


Stranger Things Characters

Costumes from the Netflix smash “Stranger Things” will also be popular this Halloween. The biggest buzz will surround the main character, Eleven, whose costume is relatively simple and easy to recreate. Achieve one of Eleven’s key looks with a pink pastel dress, an unzipped blue jacket and a touch of fake blood coming from the left nostril.


Pokémon Go Characters

Pokémon Go was ubiquitous in culture this year, so expect to see a number of Pikachus and other Pokémon favorites roaming the streets. Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokémon series will be common as well. Our favorite aquatic Pokémon trainer, Misty, is also a great choice.


Looking for things to do this Halloween? If you’re in New York City, don’t miss the West Village Halloween parade which we talk about on our blog, At Home. If you want a relaxing evening in the apartment, consider cozying up with our favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe and watching scary movies with someone special.


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